Adley FASHiON SHOW inside Gabby's Dollhouse!! Surprise Costume Delivery & runway show with Mom n Dad

fashion show x2 with Adley and Gabby!


I teamed up with Spin Master to make this video!

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today me and mom decided to play with our Gabby and her dollhouse.. but first we had to find Pandy because he was hiding somewhere around here! After we found Pandy it was time to give a tour of our Dollhouse! It has lots of cool rooms like: a music room with a magic couch that makes piano sounds, an art room that Gabby and Pandy like to paint in, and the kitchen where I had a big pile of pancakes waiting for me to eat! Just as our tour was starting to wrap up, something AMAZiNG happened! The dollhouse delivery that me and mom have been waiting for finally arrived! It was a new Gabby dress-up closet that we could play! It was SO cool, it had lots of outfits and hairstyles, and a runway to put on a fashion show.. which gave me the BEST IDEA EVER!! We should have a fashion show in real life! Everyone loved that idea, so dad went to get some fashion show supplies for us, while me and mom helped Gabby and Pandy have their own fashion show / photoshoot! Once dad had everything ready it was time for our fashion show! First, I dressed up as a sleeping dragon. Mom and Dad dressed up as explorers that were going on an adventure to catch the dragon! They tried to be sneaky but they woke me up and I flew away to escape! I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be next.. so I just combined everything that I wanted together… I was a fox.. clown.. vampire! It looked a little crazy but it must’ve been good because I WON the fashion show!

You can find the Gabby’s Dollhouse toys at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. #GabbysDollhouse #DressUpClosetPlayset

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