INSIDE HARRODS | World's Most Expensive Shop Tour

Take a full tour with me around the world’s most expensive shop Harrods (well one of the most!) in Knightsbridge London. This is the most iconic department store in the world, known for its’ premium goods, luxury fashion, exclusive products and much much more. No they do not sell exotic animals anymore…

On this visit I will show you the amazing luxury home departments, inclusive of chandeliers, the iconic handbag hall, Women’s fashion, the best shoes in the world, Men’s fashion, a few ball gowns, some rare wine and champagne, where to eat, and the much loved food hall at the end.

What’s your favourite department?

As mentioned in the vlog here are some previous visits, showing the store even more:
? Christmas Tour At Harrods:
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? Harrods Foodhall Tour:
? Full Food Shop At Harrods:

? Music used: Bobby Swing- Bladverk Band / Moochin’ Around- Nicky Dowling

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? I use a Sony A6600 with a 16-50mm lens for filming and premiere pro for editing.

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